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Save Now, Pay Later.

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Solar Pumps

Last week we spoke about voltage rise and we used the water analogy to explain voltage and current but this week are...


‘Voltage Rise’ and what it means.

Voltage Rise and What Does It Mean?

I thought today we would talk about voltage rise and voltage drop. This is the...


But It’s Sooo Cheap!!!

You know when solar is back on the warpath again as all the junk pedlars are once again in full swing.

Okay we have...


Let’s Talk Energy

Energy how is it measured, how does it relate to the things we use every day.

DMS Energy as our name indicates...


All The Gear, But No Idea!

All The Gear But No Idea.

Today I thought I would talk about all the little things that make up a quality solar...


Rain, rain, go away!

Today I thought we would talk about all this rain that Spring has delivered so far this year. We are into a ‘La...


Why SolarEdge gives you the Edge

A couple of weeks a go we spoke about the core reasons why DMS Energy choose the SolarEdge inverter system as our first...


The Instant Asset Write Off

Today I thought we would talk about tax incentives that are still open until the end of the year.

Now I must say...


ARENA to fund gas expansion

ARENA to fund gas expansion

Some of you might have heard about the mind boggling decision to change ARENA’s...


400 Watt, what? What’s new at DMS Energy.

What’s New At DMS Energy?

Spring has sprung finally and DMS Energy are rolling out the best, newest and latest...


It’s the DMS / SolarEdge 10 year anniversary!

Today I thought we would talk about the reasons why DMS Energy chose the SolarEdge inverter system as our primary...


Why is everyone’s winter bill so high this year?

I was watching the news the other night and there was a young lady who had acquired quite a large power bill for winter...