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Save Now, Pay Later.

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Why SolarEdge gives you the Edge


A couple of weeks a go we spoke about the core reasons why DMS Energy choose the SolarEdge inverter system as our first choice to turn your DC power from your solar panels into the AC power we need to run our clients home.

Let’s refresh those core SolarEdge fundamentals.

  • The safest solar inverter platform available in Tasmania
  • Turn the inverter off and everything becomes touch safe on the roof
  • Arc detection and shut down means no roof isolator fire ever
  • Panel level monitoring and fault alerts
  • Industry leading inverter and optimiser warranties.

These core functions are on their own enough to place SolarEdge on everyone’s solar wish list.

But there is a lot more to the SolarEdge system.

The SolarEdge system with its safety, performance and warranties has left all the other contenders in the dust, so you think they’d stop at that? But no. Let’s discuss some of the other bells and whistles that we can add to this system. We have talked about how self consumption is key to getting the most out of your solar system and these next options enhance that.

The SolarEdge inverter can interface with SolarEdge smart energy relays. This allows the inverter system to turn loads on and off.

Picture this; it’s a nice sunny day, your solar system is cranking but you are not home to utilise it. So right at that moment you are selling your power for 8.4 cents per unit. Not too bad but if we could utilise that power we could more than double its value.

The SolarEdge system just starts turning things on via the Smart Energy Relays. That might be a pool pump or a heat bank heater. It could be an irrigation water pump or even a heat pump. I wont say the options are limitless but they are varied and many.

We all need hot water, what can the SolarEdge system do to help us there?

SolarEdge also has a quite a clever option for heating hot water with your excess solar as well called the SolarEdge Immersion Heater Controller. This device is really clever in its operation. If your system is making for example 2kW of excess solar it will only allow 2kW of excess solar into the hot water system. A very precise way of adding the excess solar power to the hot water cylinders. We have said time and time again, an insulated hot water cylinder is the worlds cheapest battery. It allows us to store our solar energy to use later as requires.

This next option shows us how SolarEdge has their eyes to the future.

Electric vehicles, they are a low volume product at the moment but their numbers are slowly on the rise. In fact, going towards EVs is the next biggest thing Tasmanians could do towards reducing fossil fuel emissions as we already have a low CO2 grid.

SolarEdge now have inverter wth an integrated electric vehicle charger. Another place where we can sink our excess solar energy. Another major household cost being supplied free from the energy hitting our roof. Same deal as the immersion heater controller where we can just charge the electric vehicle with the superfluous energy over and above what our household requires and dump into our electric vehicle to power our next trip in the car.

For both now and the future SolarEdge has you covered.

The next SolarEdge talk we will do will be about batteries and storage but with batteries not many people know this but SolarEdge have recently acquired Kokam and very large lithium battery manufacturer in South Korea. This is going to really reinvigorate the turn key battery solutions for homes and business.

They have also purchased controlling shares in SMRE an Italian Electric vehicle car component manufacturer. I think everyone can see where it could be heading.

The Jetson’s cartoon is finally becoming a reality.

Right now and for the last 10 years SolarEdge offers our clients the safest most efficient solar inverter platform with industry leading warranty periods. The next 10 years will see us driving our vehicles powered by the the energy from our SolarEdge solar systems. Running our homes after dark from our SolarEdge batteries.

SolarEdges desire to be international industry leaders in innovation has kept us on the edge of our seats for the last decade. If you want to go solar why would you consider anything else?

If you want to go solar why wouldn’t you choose a system that that can meet your needs today and at the same time continue to evolve to meet your future needs. Needs you probably haven’t even thought about yet.

DMS Energy has fully operational SolarEdge displays in our showroom at 56 Sheffield Rd in Spreyton.

Or you can give us a call on 1300 502 599 to organise a obligation free quote or just to answer any questions you may have.

Plus you can find us on Facebook just look for DMS Energy.

Want to know more about SolarEdge?

It’s the DMS / SolarEdge 10 year anniversary!

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