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Save Now, Pay Later.

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Solar Hot Water Systems

Neopower Solar Hot Water Systems are one of the most advanced solar hot water system in Australia. The proven and certified Neopower solar evacuated tube technology provides highly energy-efficient hot water solutions with gas or electric boosted options.

Compared with flat panel solar collector, Neopower evacuated tube solar collectors capture more sunlight as they have a greater surface area exposed to the sun at any time, can be used in subzero temperatures, are durable, provide excellent performance in overcast conditions, require a smaller roof area, do not have the same level of corrosion problems as flat plate collectors.

The Neopower solar hot water system carries industry leading warranties:

  • 15 Yr warranty tubes and heat pipes
  • 15 Yr warranty on manifold
  • 15 Yr warranty on framework
  • 10 Yr warranty on glass lined tank

Solar Hot Water

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