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Introducing the iStore Air to Energy hot water system


Last week we talked about the new solar connection rules which now allows us to install more solar panels than ever before on a single phase connection, which is great if you have a big roof pointing in the right direction! But what if you only have a small solar system or your property is just not suitable for solar panels at all. How do you lower your costs?

One of a homes biggest energy costs is heating hot water, up to 25% in some cases. DMS Energy have been supplying energy efficient hot water systems for over a decade and we now have a new entry into our staple of awesome products.

The iStore Air to Energy hot water system.

This is a type of solar system in that it harvests the low grade thermal energy delivered from the sun out of the air and uses it to heat hot water.

We are pretty excited by this product for a few different reasons.

It’s easy to install. For hot water cylinders that are mounted outside already its as simple as disconnecting the old one and installing the iStore unit.

It has 2 different sizes. One of the bug bears of most other heat pump style hot water services is they came in a 1 size fits all category. While if you have a big bustling family the 270 litre iStore is perfect but if you are an empty nester and there is only 1 or 2 of you in the house the 270 litre unit is overkill and hard to justify. The iStore comes in a 180 litre version which is perfect for apartments and smaller households where we don’t need that huge volume of water. Over the years we have talked people out the larger heat pump hot water units as they payback just wasn’t there but the 180 litre unit is significantly better priced and smaller.

It has a ‘solar power mode’. This special mode allows for people that have solar panels to utilise our solar energy during the day more effectively. Finally a manufacturer has realised there is a significant demographic of consumers who need catering for. Keep in mind though, your house needs to be connected to Tariff 93 in Tasmania to fully utilise this option. In comparison, a 270 litre insulated iStore tank can hold 14kW/hrs of energy which is better than a Tesla battery and only takes on average 3.8kW/hrs of your solar energy to achieve it. The laws of thermal dynamics at its best.

It has a total of 4 different main modes which help suit every circumstance. The vacation mode allows you to program it turn off while you are away and to come back on before you get home so you are not waiting for hot water.

It performs well in the cold. This is a major selling point as some of our competitors out there struggle to provide quick enough recoveries in cold weather but not this bad boy. This unit has a seasonal co-efficient of performance of 3.68 kW/hrs so over the year from the coldest to hottest this unit averages for every kilowatt hour of input energy, 3.68 kW/hrs of energy goes into the tank for heating of your hot water.

The really quick recovery times mean you would have to cane this thing mercilessly to run out of hot water and even then it has a small electric element in it to chip in to help if you do decide to take up the challenge and clean this device out of hot water. Average production rate of 78 litres per hour for very little energy out of your pocket.

Australian designed, it looks really smart. Fits almost any situation from commercial applications to tiny units. Very quiet and performs brilliantly in the most trying of conditions.

Most of all, it’s affordable. It even qualifies for a rebate which only helps make the case why everyone should be look thinking the word iStore and DMS Energy when having lots of hot water is the subject.

If you are sick of high hot water costs, or your hot water cylinder is on the way out and you are looking for a replacement give DMS Energy a call on 1300 502 599 or pop into to see us at 56 Sheffield Rd Spreyton.

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