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Save Now, Pay Later.

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Heating, Cooling and Ventilation

Control Your Climate

Tasmania is cold! Well, we’re not telling you anything you don’t know there, but did you know that heating your home can account for in excess of 50% of your electricity usage?

That’s where DMS Energy comes in. We can tailor a heating and cooling solution to reduce your overall consumption while still keeping you comfortable during those harsh Tasmanian winters and warm Tasmanian summers. We supply and install all the leading brands of heat pumps (reverse cycle air conditioners for all our mainland ex-pats) and we are also proud to introduce the “future of heating & cooling” into Tasmania.

LG Heat Pumps/Split Systems

Come home to comfort with LG’s range of highly efficient heat pumps (heating and air conditioning/split systems). Smart, stylish and quiet, they have smart capabilities connecting through your wi-fi and can be controlled with Google Assistant and offering a 10 year compressor parts warranty for peace of mind.

With built in smart Wi-Fi technology, LG’s range of heat pumps/split systems allow you to control your comfort level with your smart phone, even when you’re not at home. With the ability to view your real time energy usage with a simple push of the remote control button keeping you informed and helping reduce the energy consumption. With smart diagnosis, your provided with tips and information to get the most from your heat pump/split system in both summer and winter and can also detect any technical difficulties and notify you when the time has come to clean the unit’s filters.

LG has also implemented Plasmaster which is an ioniser which filtrates the air inside your home and also within the unit. Ionisation is proven to filter germs, pollens and other allergens from the air and deodorise certain smells within the home. The compressor speed of the LG heat pumps/split systems is constantly adjusted and varied to maintain the desired temperature with less fluctation than a non-inverter compressor.

Ducted Reverse Cycle

We know that everybody is different, and so is every home. Actron Air have developed a wide product range that can be tailored to suit every lifestyle, from those looking for single room comfort right through to whole of home solutions.

DMS Energy can recommend, sell, install and service one of the many units available from Actron Air. We will have a solution that is right for you, from a single wall mounted unit, multisplit or complete ducted systems. Not sure what all this means? Then get in touch with DMS Energy and in the mean time check out this video on selecting the right system.

When the temperature drops it’s tempting to go to a local retail outlet and walk out with an air conditioner off the shelf. First of all, and especially when it comes to air conditioning, you get what you pay for. Secondly, you need to get it installed, and when you buy retail that could take weeks and weeks to happen. Furthermore, it’s illegal to install an air conditioner on your own because there are controlled substances inside, which means you could be left in the lurch while the temperature is diving.

DMS Energy not only gives you the best advice on your specific needs, but can arrange installation quickly and professionally.


Save 10-50% on cooling and heating costs with Airius Air Circulation and Destratification.

The engineered and patented disign of the Airius units, enables them to move large amounts of air, over long distances, vertically or horizontally, using very low amounts of energy, inside a space.

In heating environments, the air stratifies as the warm air rises upwards and the cooler air sits at the floor. The Airius units capture the stratified hot air at ceiling level, and pushing through the thermal layers with their unique air flow pattern, effectively and efficiently bring the heated air back to the floor where you need it. Thermal comfort is markedly improved and energy savings are significant. No more over delivery heating to the space, wasting energy.

In air conditioned cooling environments, the cold air ceiling discharge is optomised, rapidly circulating the chilled air to the floor, satisifying the thermostat faster. Heavier cold air, caught up in the coom corners and dead zones, is circulated efficiently, while the return air temperature back to the chililer is now cooler afger travelling through the colder return air path at ceiling level. Short circuiting is negated too. Overall efficiency of the system is optimised.

The Airius PHI air purification and odour control system significantly improves indoor air quality (IAQ) reducing viruses, bacteria, gases, VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), mould and odours by over 90% whilst an advanced atmosphere oxidisation technology gives indoor environments fresh, clean and odour free air.

This makes it the perfect low cost solution for hospitals, care homes, doctors and dentist surgeries, children’s nurseries and food preparation facilities etc. in maintaining a clean, healthy and odour free environment.

Contact us on 1300 502 599 for more information about the PHI fans and how they can work for your business or home.

Our Climate Control Brands

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Heating, Cooling & Ventilation

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