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Save Now, Pay Later.

With flexible payments from handypay.

It’s Officially Heat Pump Season


The first cover of ice was on the lawn last week, a bit earlier than expected but the phone has been running red hot with people who have cold toes and want a heat pump.

I think they deserve a heat pump but not just any old heat pump; an LG Heat Pump.

The LG Heat Pumps featured heavily in the Choice Magazines best Air Conditioner testing and consistently come out on top. Mostly noted for its efficiency, warranty and added control features.

For the brochure: click here

Basically, if you want the best heat pump in Tasmania, the LG unit is the one and not by a small margin.

As for efficiency, other than the world leading LG Smart Inverter Compressor, the units have simple push button control on the remote that shows you how much power it is using. You can also see its total energy use via the LG Smart ThinQ App.

Active Energy Control

This mode allows the unit to sense how many people are in the room and adjust the energy output to maximise the most efficient operation to suit the environment. This saves you money whilst keeping your living areas at the ideal optimum temperature.

Plasmaster Ionizer Plus

No, this is isn’t something out of Star Wars, though if it was, their space ships would be deodorised and bacteria free.

This is pretty amazing technology because it generates up to 3 million plasma ions which filtrate the air in the indoor areas and inside the unit itself and is there to minimise the formation of mould and bacteria on the heat exchanger.

We have had a few people with Fibromyalgia and other auto immune ailments come to us as their research had led them to the LG product as the best heat pumps to help manage and reduce the allergenic triggers that were having a negative impact on their quality of life. Having a healthier home should be everyone’s goal and this clever technology helps everyone achieve that.

Let’s talk warranty and durability

The LG Smart Inverter Compressor has a 10 year warranty and it’s double that of any other brand we see offered in Tasmania, which is usually only 5 years. That’s some serious piece of mind comes with this product and for those near the coast the Gold Fin coating helps the heat exchanger resist corrosion. That’s pretty important in an island state like Tasmania.

Operationally speaking, these units are the quietest units I’ve ever installed and we can adjust the outgoing air away from a rooms occupants which is a huge bug bear of many people who are critical of heat pumps.

Now, we briefly touched on the LG ThinQ App but we can easily connect your LG Heat Pump to the homes WiFi as the device has embedded WiFi. So that means that once you have the App on your smart phone, you can control your device remotely.

If it’s a cold day you can turn your LG Heat Pump on before you leave work. If you forget to turn it off before you leave to go somewhere, that’s not a problem either. It will even link up with your Google Assistant so no more scrambling for the remote as you can just operate the unit via voice commands.

For us, we like the App because we can dial into the diagnostic’s side of things if something ever goes wrong which saves time and money if the unit ever needs to be repaired. It will, as mentioned earlier, show you how much energy it is consuming which is a good way to manage ‘bill shock’ and make changes to lower the consumption. Waiting 90 days for a bill to give you some idea how your heating and home is performing is often too late to make any significant changes as winter is done and dusted.

So there you have it; a bag full of reasons why you should be considering an LG Heat Pump to replace the wheezing old banger on the wall that’s nearing the end of it’s run. If you’re sick of spiders, dust and mess plus the time, cost and effort of procuring wood, have a look at one of these fantastic units, especially as I think this winter is going to be an exceptionally cold one.

Choice Magazine say that these LG units should be everyone’s first choice so you can purchase one of these with confidence.

Call into to see DMS Energy at our showroom at 56 Sheffield Road in Spreyton or give us a call on 1300 502 599 and we will come to you and size one up for your house.

Dont forget to come and see us at Agfest this year at site 835. If you’re heading there this year. I believe Friday and Saturday is already sold out so that leaves Wednesday and Thursday that have pre-purchased tickets left.

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