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Save Now, Pay Later.

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Solar Pumps


Last week we spoke about voltage rise and we used the water analogy to explain voltage and current but this week are going to just talk about water and how we can use the sun to move all the water we want during the day.

It may not be known to many but DMS Energy started our solar journey 13 years ago with solar pumps and we still install them to this very day. We are Lorentz agents and these guys only make solar driven pumps. Whether you are a hobby farmer with only a couple of acres or have huge tracts of land for dairying, grazing or cropping we have pumps that will suit the job at hand.

Just to set the pace our biggest off the shelf pumps can move over 440,000 litres per hour and delving into our custom designed range of pumps we can size to any possible requirement. That covers our broad acre spreads using pivots, travellers, wobble tees, K lines. We can make these solar pumps work in conjunction with the grid, without the grid or partner with a generator. However you want to set it up DMS Energy can make it happen.

Where we are most busiest is with our medium sized range of pumps and what farmers like with these is typically on their properties they have all their expensive AC pumping equipment and irrigation mains set up around their biggest water resource. This is AC pumping equipment is big ticket stuff and too expensive to replicate over all their water assets. Where the middle sized solar pumps come into their own is we can move steady amounts of water from their other smaller dams or bores that they have located over different areas of their property into their main water holding area quite cheaply with no ongoing running costs. The sun comes up, the pumps start moving water to their desired location till the sun goes down.

We also have the ability to automate our solar pumps and we can even set them up so you can monitor their performance and turn them on and off at home by network connecting them.

Another popular use for our Lorentz solar pumps is stock watering and this can be done on an as demand basis but the most common method is to locate a large tank at the highest point of the property which we keep filled with the solar pump and then gravity reticulate back to water troughs for the animals. I have a few dairies where we water 500 plus cattle on only 6 solar panels quite easily day after day. Year after year.

At DMS Energy we have bore pumps, we have surface pumps and we can float pumps in dams in fact we have more pumping options in the solar space than other supplier. Just tell us what you want and DMS Energy will design it, supply it and install it. The process is really very easy.

Now these bigger agricultural pumps have always been our bread and butter but we have struggled a bit in that smaller hobby farm market to be price competitive as while our pumps could easily do what the client wanted as they were designed for bigger roles they were a bit on the expensive side. Well Lorentz have listened and just released the new PS-100 range or the pick up, plug in and pump models and as the name says anyone can install these. You come into DMS Energy pick up the unit, plug it into the solar panel and away it goes. They can move up to 20,000 litres per day and lift water up to 40 metres of dynamic head. We expect these to walk out the door as up until now the only option people had were low quality units that were basically submerged disappointments and didn’t offer any long term benefits. With Lorentz finally offering a product range in this class we can address the needs of the smaller water user for a cost effective price while still taking all the advantages of the Lorentz suburb engineering and manufacturing history that has proven to be rock solid over the years.

If you have a tank you need filling we have the answer, have a garden that needs watering we have the answer, have animals that need hydrating we have the answer. No need to run expensive cables to the water sources anymore as all we need is sunshine. If we have sun you have water, the hotter and drier it is the more water you have. Solar power and water pumping are a match made in heaven.

We have designed and completed pumping projects for dairies, graziers, broad acre irrigation, dust suppression for quarries, drip systems for vineyards and orchards and if you want your water moved around your property using the free energy from the sun call 1300 502 599 to talk to us at DMS Energy your local solar pumping experts.

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