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400 Watt, what? What’s new at DMS Energy.


What’s New At DMS Energy?

Spring has sprung finally and DMS Energy are rolling out the best, newest and latest products in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

SolarEdge solar panels

We have just started pushing out the new SolarEdge smart solar panels and completed our first installation using these modules. These are going to be DMS Energy’s ‘entry level’ panel using the SolarEdge inverter platform. They come with the SolarEdge optimiser already attached, saving the customers a nice little bundle.

So for those people out there that want the best and safest and inverter system, but have budget constraints, this combination will be the ideal choice for you. We have one of these panels hanging on display in the showroom and soon, we’ll have one on the test panel array on our own roof for everyone to see how well they perform.

New Q.CELLS panels

The new Q.PEAK and Q.MAXX 350 watt panels by Q.CELLS are just starting to come through into the market and will start to replace the current 330 watt modules.

The Q.CELLS Q.PEAK panels are the South Korean manufactured model with a 25 year build warranty and 25 year power output warranty. The Q.PEAK sits in the mid range area of our solar panel product range.

Then we have the Q.CELLS Q.MAXX which is the Chinese version of the same panel and has a 12 year build warranty and 25 year power output warranty. The Q.MAXX are super competitive in price and exceeds others within a similar price and output range.

On the the DMS Energy test array both of these Q.CELLS solar panel models are blistering the pack in terms of performance and even keeping up with the LG panels.

Panels are getting physically bigger.

This next fact is both interesting and a tad disappointing at the same time, bitter sweet as such; both the Q.CELLS and the SolarEdge solar panels have pushed out some much larger wattages with their new models, but, the panels are not any more efficient, just physically bigger. This seems to be the current trend with most manufacturers but it’s as though research and development teams have given up on making more efficient panels; the race seems to be on just make the physically biggest panel that they can get away with. It’s getting harder to physically lift these panels and harder to fit them on a residential roof and for the moment, it’s still manageable. But if manufacturers continue down this path, its going to be harder from a logistics point of view to get the most out of a residential roof space.

For example, the other day I was quoting on a residential solar quote and I could fit either 21 of the LG 360 Watt NeON2 panels or 19 of the SolarEdge 365 Watt panels. This will give you an idea of the size difference between the super efficient panels vs the large wattage bigger size panels. Don’t get fooled by the overall wattage because you may just end up selling yourself short in what you can really achieve in maximising your roof space.

New LG solar panel size range.

Speaking of the LG brand, we have now moved into the new 360 Watt class range and the solar panels are still the same size. So for the moment, LG’s research and development team are focussing on bringing better and more efficient designed solar panels than everyone else.

But … here’s some ‘insider’ information and you’re hearing it here first: LG are not far from releasing a NeON2 split cell which will be a seriously impressing 390 Watts with the aim to hit the 400 Watt class soon after. So you can understand why LG are still our favourite panel and manufacturer. South Korean, 25 year build warranty, 25 year power output warranty. Light and strong and backed by one of the biggest companies in the world.

The LG 400 Watt panels will be amazing when we get those. 10 panels will be 4kW. 25 panels will be 10kW. In my early days of supplying solar 10 panels only made 1.7kW. It will be a game changer.

Personally, I’m just so pleased with our staple range of solar panels. They’re all really high quality and all perform extremely well, in fact they’re over above others within their price range or class. So many others brands have just fallen into a steaming heap of dung with their quality, their performance and their after sales service so it only goes to show how our product research and selection is exactly where it needs to be. Once again DMS Energy, doing the research so you don’t have to.

Lastly the iStore hot water unit.

The iStore heat pump hot water unit is our newest hot water unit option and it’s selling above and beyond expectations with a huge amount of interest with this product.

So there you have it, the latest super-energy-efficient products from DMS Energy which will still sit amongst our other brilliant tried-and-true products. If you need some relief from your power bills and want to take control over your energy requirements, DMS Energy have a solution that will suit your home, your needs and most importantly, your budget. With our 60 months interest free options now available, there really is no excuse not to call DMS Energy today to see what we can do to help you put the power back in your hands (pun intended).

It’s the DMS / SolarEdge 10 year anniversary!
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