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Save Now, Pay Later.

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The renewable energy boom!

The renewable energy boom

The Renewable Energy Is Booming

Right across Australia and even down here in Tassie the renewable industry is booming.

It’s part of the growing national push towards adopting renewable energy as our primary energy source.

All States are rapidly increasing their take up of the various types of renewable energy.

Let’s go with the worst state...Queensland.

They currently have 14.1% renewable energy generation (REG). Not surprising as this state’s love of all things coal and its need to cling firmly to the last century, will slow the inevitable but not stop it.

Who do you reckon is next?

NSW is the second last with 17.1% REG but NSW has nearly double the population of Queensland so that is pretty good and they also have one of the higher uptakes.

Next is Western Australia with 20.9% REG and their population is half the size of Queensland. But, it’s also a famous mining state that doesn’t like change that much but renewable energy is still growing.

After Western Australia we have the 2nd most populated state of Victoria with 23.9% renewable energy generation. They are really kicking goals now. If this was a form guide we would be saying to keep an eye out on this up-coming star.

In silver place we have South Australia. Our crow eating cousins are at awhopping 52.1% REG and rising. Some days their whole state is powered by renewable energy.

I’m missing a state; I feel I should know it.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner it’s Tassie! We are obviously the number 1 state in all things, but in renewable energy we hold the top ranked spot and not by a slim margin either. 95.6% REG is where we are at and with the new cable on Bass Strait, Wind Turbines coming online, Pumped Hydro projects going ahead we could quite easily be 200% renewable. I think we should all take a moment to feel a spot of pride with that and thank Electric Eric (or otherwise known as the former Premier Eric Reece) who really drove our momentum in this direction. Plus he was from Braddon. It goes without saying, “top marks for Mr. Reece”.

With hydrogen production and export on the cards as well, Tasmania sits at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution and most days our state is run from renewable energy.

Ever wondered why renewable just keeps getting bigger and stronger all around the globe and not just in Australia despite concerted efforts to pull the rug out from under it?

It’s pretty simple; as all other energy sources can only be used once, you can only burn gas once, you can only burn coal or oil once. It’s damaging to the environment to drag it out of the ground, damaging to burn it as well. But more notably there is a significant financial cost to extract, process and transport to only use once and the energy component is gone but the pollution bit still remains.

It’s really just economics with some environmental benefits that is truly driving renewable energy. Renewable energy is just capturing the energy that is all around us. It’s not perfect but eventually we can make it so. Harvesting something that is self-replacing everyday with no supply costs and using it to power all your other industry, commercial and domestic power consumption, is just good business sense.

There never has been a better time to join the revolution and no you don’t have to wear a Che Guevara T shirt. This also touches on our resilience theme. We all use and need energy. We can collect and use our own. The economics of doing so are amazing. We can also store energy to use later as well even for emergency backup. You don’t have to be part of the Commonwealth to benefit you just need to take the leap and look at your options to either generate, store or conserve your own energy; energy that is hitting your roof each and every day. We just need to put it to work for you and in tough times people have always turned to being more self-reliant.

DMS Energy are the North West Coast’s energy specialists. We custom design and install solar systems, battery systems, low energy lighting solutions, cost effective heating solutions. We are a concept-to-completion company as well. We do the lot; from start to finish. People come to us with problems and those problems generally start with an Aurora power bill and we find and implement solutions to bring some financial relief into your life for the next 20 plus years.

If you want to check out our products and services pop into our DMS Energy showroom at 56 Sheffield Rd Spreyton or give us a call on 1300 502 599.

We have also have an excellent website just look for or for an even better interactive experience, our DMS Energy Facebook page.

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