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Save Now, Pay Later.

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Save Now, Pay Later.

With flexible payments from handypay.

Important Solar Industry News


Still no news on the way TasNetwork’s are going to go in regards to the upcoming network limitations. Which is a worry. No engagement with industry about this particular subject has been forth coming.

But if you are thinking of installing a solar system of any sort (solar panels, solar hot water etc) I would encourage people to get involved now as under the current rules you are allowed 10kW on a single phase residential dwelling, which is non-electrical speak, is nearly every single home out there. I also feel that if you have an existing solar system which you haven’t had the opportunity to update or increase due to the limitations imposed to be able to access the ‘Legacy’ feed in-tariff now is the time to act as the solar system you have now could well be the one you are stuck with despite your circumstances.

Just to remind everyone out there changes are a foot and they are going to restrict your choices in solar not add to them.

I have been talking to other solar industry members in Tassie and one thing we all had in common was it was a bit rich for a network to tell customers what they can do on the owner’s side of the meter. Basically everything from the service fuse or the main switch back to the poles and wire is TasNetworks and everything on the other side of the main switch back to the house is the responsibility of the home owner.

So I am not sure how they can dictate what we can do to our own homes? They have no say if you take your lights out and replace with LED lights which could reduce those costs by 80%. They have no say in if you rip out your Pure Heat Royal and install an energy efficient heat pump and reduce your heating costs by 60%. Yet they feel they can dictate what you put on your roof. I think this is over stepping the boundaries.

I can certainly appreciate them having a direct say in what their network will accept as far as exports but limiting your panels to 5kW is in my opinion would be an unlawful way to do it.

Anyway that’s my weekly little rant done and dusted but to avoid disappointment it would not hurt to pick up the phone and call 1300 502 599 and talk about your options........

Since we spoke about solar services last week the job board is bulging at the seams for solar service work so it’s finally sinking in about the importance of getting your solar system seen to. This is wonderful news. It means solar users are heading off any potential issues at the path.

As they days get longer and warmer, we are hoping for a busy summer and solar orders are coming in thick and fast now. We usually have a rush leading up to Christmas and the solar rebate is reduced as of the 31st of December 2019, which adds a little bit of haste to the end of our year. Not a huge reduction, it’s about 1/12th less in 2020 but it’s worth but it’s still a couple of hundred dollars for our typical sized systems and I can’t help but think it’s better off in your pocket than the governments.

Next week we will start covering what we need to do to keep those summer bills low.
But until then if you would like to see more of our products or ask any questions pop into 56 Sheffield Rd in Spreyton and check out our showroom.

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