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Save Now, Pay Later.

With flexible payments from handypay.

Spring has Sprung!


Spring has sprung, I know technically it started a week or so back but someone had forgotten to tell the weather gods.

But we have had a few good days now and the solar systems we have installed around the state are really starting to sing.

Now while we are talking about weather, have you heard the news out of Antarctica where there is a supposedly rare weather event taking place?

The upper atmosphere of the above Antarctica has warmed by around 40 degrees Celsius in just a few days. This is called sudden stratospheric warming or SSW for short. With only one major event ever recorded before in history which was in 2002 which also proved to one Australia’s direst ever years on record.

What does this particular SSW event hold for Australia and more importantly Tasmania??

More of the same we are told, it’s going to make the weather drier and warmer than it already has been and there has been numerous parts of Australia that have been in drought for years already. It’s only going to get worse for those poor souls and in Tasmania it means warmer weather over summer

So, it’s going to be hotter. A lot hotter. I suspect we will be inundated with requests for reverse cycle air conditioners more than ever, that we typically call heat pumps though after this summer we might be changing the name to cool pumps.

The thing is we tend to build and design everything around keeping us warm during winter which is a good idea but it means many homes are poorly placed to handle heat waves. DMS Energy can fix that this year with our LG Air conditioners. These offer you a controlled climate in your home. You decide what temperature it’s going to be. The LG Air conditioners turn your home into a refuge from what is coming but don’t also forget they will still heat your home in winter.

Normally air conditioning is part of the climate change conundrum. The hotter it gets the more energy we use and on the mainland that means more coal is burnt which creates its own negative feedback loop. We are in Tassie, using Hydro power so we can cool our homes with little detrimental environmental effect but the additional usage will be reflected in your power bills. Unless of course you have solar.

We have spoken about this before, how solar power and cooling are made for each other. Typically you can run your air conditioning with impunity during summer if you have a properly designed solar system which DMS Energy can help you out on both fronts; by cooling your home as well powering your home!

Finally, we have some GOOD news.

We are now part of the Seniors Card network and if you hold one of these we will give you discount on whatever products we install for any of the 111,000 card holders we have in Tassie. The stickers are up on the windows. We have done a Facebook post on this and we welcome any Seniors Card holders to come into 56 Sheffield Rd Spreyton to talk to us about electrical work, air conditioning, solar hot water, LED lighting and of course the best quality solar power in Tassie.

Now you could use your new Seniors Card to get some free isolator shrouds during a solar service as that is the promotion we are running at the moment. The shrouds extend the life of your isolators by blunting their exposure to UV radiation and rain and most older systems do not have these installed on the white plastic boxes you see next to the panels. Everyone’s homework this week is, as you drive around, have a look at roofs with solar systems and see how many do not have a shroud. It will be lots.

We have spoken numerous times how important it is to get your solar system checked every few years. This also means your warranty will be maintained and the insurance company can’t knock you back if God forbid, something goes wrong.

This is what we are trying to avoid. Disasters

Call 1300 502 599 to get your solar serviced today and if you hold a Seniors Card make sure you let us know before you purchase so we can make sure you get to take advantages of all our discounts.

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