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The Times They Are A Changin’


It has to be said the world has been slowly drifting towards procuring its energy from renewable sources. Though in the last few months there have been some critical decisions made around the world that show that the world is slowly bending towards the inevitable. Think of the world and its love of burning stuff found in the ground as a giant ship in the ocean steaming full steam ahead when the decision to change direction is made and the order is given to spin the wheel hard to port it takes forever for the actual ship to even noticeably change direction.

Where are we at with it today? Across the globe the order has been given to spin the wheel. In some parts of the world the wheel has been spun but we are not at the stage where there is much noticeable perception of the ship changing course. But it's happening.

So what has happened around the globe?

The Dutch District Court in The Hague has ordered Shell to cut its carbon emissions by 45% by 2030. In response Shell has agreed to more aggressively hasten its plans to meet its obligations.

The Keystone XL pipeline has been cancelled. This was a contentious pipeline to pump oil from Canada to the USA that has been a 10 year ordeal.

The United Kingdom, Sweden, India, Israel and Germany among others have announced plans to ban internal combustion engines by 2030

Japan and Denmark are set to have theirs gone by 2035.

Canada, France, Spain, Sri Lanka and Taiwan are looking at getting it done by 2040 and good old Sleepy Joe in the USA will be moving its huge pool of vehicles away from fossil fuels by 2030.

Vehicle manufacturers have picked up on what the world is putting down.

Mini, the iconic car that we all know from the movie The Italian Job is going all electric on its production line, with its total line up being electric by 2030.

General Motors the United States largest vehicle manufacturer is planning on transitioning to being carbon neutral by 2040 and this includes a huge swing to Electric Vehicles.

Ford in Europe has announced its entire passenger vehicle range as well as 2/3rds of its light commercial range will be fully electric by 2030.

Jaguar and Land Rover has swung over to more electric vehicles with 6 EV’s added to the Land Rover range with the I’m to be zero emissions by 2036.

Bentley, while not a brand that we see much of here, is moving to EV’s and Hybrids.

Volvo has announced it will have 50% of its sales as electric vehicle 2025 and be fully electric by 2030

Renault are releasing a sports edition electric vehicle called the Alpine and will be only available as electric.

More brands are getting ready to wind back their internal combustion engine production as well.

There has been a lot of large corporate shifts of late which indicate the public license to pollute without repercussion has been revoked. We have seen the shift to renewables and lowering emissions demonised and vilified buts that's largely just spin to slow the inevitable and to protect invested interests. We have never ever had an energy problem just thousands of engineering problems to shift from one energy source to another.

Change is always a bit scary as we venture into the unfamiliar but it is also a time of great opportunity.

Around $500 Billion was invested in clean energy technology world wide last year. A recent study has shown renewable energy investments in Germany and France yielded returns of over 178% over a five year period while fossil fuel investments suffered a minus 20% return over the same five year period.

UK over 5 years 75.4% return versus 8.8% return on fossil fuels.

The United States 200% return on investment was the renewables yield while 97.2% on fossil fuels was achieved and this is the country that rode to superpower status on the back of fossil fuels.

Return on investment is code for jobs, strong economies and money in your pocket.

So just like the Bob Dylan song says “The Times They Are A Changin”

Just to finish off, I thought I’d mention one little thing. I've not talked about Australia once today and I'll leave it to the listeners to ponder on why that is and to imagine all the opportunities we are missing out on.

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