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Electrical Safety Month – the flow on affect so far ….

Blog – Safety month the story so far

DMS Energy’s Electrical Safety Month is has kicked off well.

As we talked about last week, May is electrical safety month. While every month should be safety month, May is the best month to address it as we get ready to hunker down in our domicile fortresses for the long and cold winter ahead.

So far we have done a couple of inspections and have a few more booked in as well. All from people who have just bought houses on the North West coast.

One was a particular stand out. It was advertised as freshly re-wired by the realtor but we found it only partially re-wired. With most of the fixtures and cabling dating back to the 1960’s though the house was from the 1920’s. It wasn’t too bad except for an older area of the house the switches had perished and were broken and falling off the walls and architraves but the biggest thing we found was the cabling between the switchboard and the sub-board was still the original 1920’s cotton covered consumer mains and they were in bad condition. Also a massive hole behind the meter panel, straight into the wall cavity so if anything did kick off the fire would have an unfettered access into the wall and roof cavity.

We as humans tend to be reactive instead of proactive. I think it’s imprinted into our DNA but we don’t have to be. We have a light switch that’s a bit dicky so we put up with it until it doesn’t work at all which is great as long as it doesn’t catch fire or give us a belt of electricity. Or that breaker that keeps tripping every time it rains, but it doesn’t impact our life too much so we put up with it. There is no way of sugar coating it but having your house burn down generally does have an immense impact on your life.

Electrocution by its definition is death by electric shock. Not only will it kill you it will hurt the whole time you are dying. This stuff is important and we occasionally see the worst of it out in the field and the near misses that go with it. It’s scary stuff.

Please keep those photos coming in to our Facebook page on our ‘Rate My Switchboard’, and post your photo in the comment section. Most people seem to want to send the via Messenger to our DMS Energy Facebook and that’s fine as well.

DMS Energy’s Safety Month has potentially saved one house at least so far so thanks for all those that have been involved so far.

Victron Energy. I’m not sure that many people heard of that brand of solar product but if you are an enthusiast of caravans, motor homes and boats you might be aware of Victron as being the market leader in solar charging and powering up these recreational pursuits. Victron also have the most comprehensive range of off grid components for commercial and domestic off grid solar and battery systems.

If you hadn’t heard of Victron you probably are also not aware that DMS Energy is your biggest and most cost competitive Victron agent on the North West coast. We sell volumes of this gear through our showroom and install it almost exclusively for all of our off grid scenarios. If you have a shack and you want to run that generator less, call DMS Energy. If you have an old tiny off grid system that’s on Struggle Street, it might be time to have another look at the putting in a newer, bigger, properly designed system just for you. You might be surprised how things have progressed since you first bought your existing off grid system.

New builds that are a long way from the grid as well are also worth considering for an off grid solar and battery solution.

What you will get from DMS Energy is a custom designed system that suits your needs made of quality components. You are guaranteed to receive a proper and safe installation by accredited and licensed electricians. You will also receive DMS Energy’s famous after sales service and ongoing support.

We have been installing one off grid per week for the last few months which is a sign that this is moving from a niche section of the solar industry to a more mainstream option to supply people energy for their homes and shacks.

For all your Victron and off grid solar needs come and see DMS Energy or give us a call so we can put together the solution that will suit your needs.

Safety in the home (especially now we are stuck in it)
Okay, so there’s ice on my lawn.