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Save Now, Pay Later.

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Save Now, Pay Later.

With flexible payments from handypay.

It’s now heat pump season

Blog – Heat pump season

I’m going to officially open heat pump season. It’s that time of the year when we notice the calls coming in for solar systems are over taken by calls coming in for heating solutions.

One of the best heating solutions around is the LG Heat Pump. These have been rocketing out the door and every 2nd or 3rd job on the board has ‘HP’ written next to it. We replaced a heat pump in George Town the other day that was 17 years old and it had finally run its race. The client had done his research and called asking for an LG 6kW unit. The one we pulled out was 6kW and the one we put in was a 6kW unit however the client was impressed with the difference between the two units. A direct quote was “It’s like a sauna in here now”.

The products that were installed years ago, while great for the era, are now as clunky as a model T Ford now looks compared to a current model car. The control and efficiency of the LG units is top of the crop. So much so that Choice Magazine named them the best heat pump to purchase in Australia. Which doesn’t surprise me at all.

DMS Energy have been using the LG products for very long time. Most of our solar panels are LG as are our hybrid batteries. DMS Energy have a long partnership with LG Electronics. So much so, LG have set us up with a new finance option for our products. There is no longer an excuse to be cold and miserable or to put up with that rattly old clunker, a wheezing and gasping outdoor unit on its last legs. For less than $30 dollars per week we can get you living in your own personal sauna. DMS Energy now would have access to the most competitive credit arrangements on the North West coast.

Those of you who have followed my little discussions over the years would know I’ve not been a fan of “interest free” schemes as basically the client pays between 20% to 30% on top of the purchase price. The one we have access to now is the best I’ve seen so far so. We can also use this facility to purchase any of our DMS Energy products so don’t be cold this winter and get your power bills under control today.

Lastly ….

DMS Energy’s safety month is still rolling along and we have picked up a lot of work from this promotion but more importantly we have nipped some potential safety issues in the bud. So keep those photos of your switchboards coming through. We have pinned the Rate my Board post to the top of our DMS Energy Facebook page. Just upload your photo in the comments and we can let you know how if it good, bad or just ugly. People can also send them via messenger as well.

While everyday is the right day for safety, May is our DMS Energy electrical safety at home month. Feel free to take part. It costs you nothing to participate and who can put a price on piece of mind?

DMS Energy services the North West and West Coast all the way through to and including Launceston.

Okay, so there’s ice on my lawn.
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