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Save Now, Pay Later.

With flexible payments from handypay.

Solar Services & Electrical Safety


Solar Services are in full swing now and we have around 13 left to do on the jobs board.

What we have found so far.

Water in isolators and cracked isolators which can lead to a roof fire. One was so badly cracked the water at least could run out as quick as it could run in. Disaster averted there.

A few cables on the roof. One dead string. Most haven’t been too bad but the worst one we had to shut down and pull the string apart to lower voltages as a possum had been having a great old time chewing on the cables everywhere. Bare copper on the roof with around 300 volts flowing through them with no insulation in quite a lot of the cables. That quite frankly is dangerous.

This is what solar serving is all about. Some of these systems have been on a roof for 10 years and installed when installation standards were nowhere near as stringent as todays are.

Get your systems looked at every 2 to 3 years. DMS Energy only charges $150 which I think is a cheap piece of mind and we look at it as an essential service for those with solar systems.

Some of the things we are finding with these older systems only reinforces our choice to use SolarEdge for the majority of our solar systems. Possum chewed cables are detected and earth fault are shut down from the voltage off the roof, making it safe.

Cracked isolators with water gets picks up, and any arc or ground fault gets shuts down. The SolarEdge system makes everything safe to touch.

Most of these systems are 5 to 10 years old and well out of warranty from fly by nighter, one or two man shows, or national sales companies selling the bargain basement specials. Who have also long since disappeared therefore there is not only no one to service them, but your warranty and consumer rights have disappeared with them.

SolarEdge inverters offer a 12 year inverter warranty and 25 year warranty on the rooftop optimisers. Then when coupled to an LG solar panels with a 25 year comprehensive build warranty this makes your solar journey, a true financial investment instead of a gamble with extremely low odds.

The 10 year journey we have had with SolarEdge has more than proven itself one of the best choices we, as a company, could make to offer to our clients.

LG would mean a fair bit to people out there as most of us own or have owned at least one of their products. Some of the other names like SolarEdge or Fronius mean nothing to people as they haven’t yet featured in their lives.

That’s why we ask people to visit the showroom at 56 Sheffield Rd in Spreyton. We have all these products as working displays. You can see what you are getting, how it works and how it will benefit your life. It’s also not just solar we have LED lights, LG air conditioners, LAVA heaters, electrical fixtures and much more. It’s worth a visit especially when every man and his dog waves around shiny brochures promising the world, it has to be refreshing to see and touch the products you want to buy. It makes the process real.

Finally DMS Energy wants to be your electrician. Need a power point fitted or moved give us a bell. Your switchboard is older than the Great Wall of China with ceramic fuses, definitely give DMS energy a call before it burns your house down. Want some safety switches fitted to stop the kiddies getting a permanent frizzy hair-do? Give us a call and we can sort you out.

We might be making light of these things a bit but these truly are serious potential outcomes with aging electrical infrastructure.

Keep us in mind as being your local electrician offering great service and back up.

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