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Save Now, Pay Later.

With flexible payments from handypay.

Save Now, Pay Later.

With flexible payments from handypay.

Energy prices are forever on the rise, here’s what you can do about it.


You may have seen the newspaper stories about how the typical Tassie power bills went up by $55 this year for residential users. This is mainly due to the power prices being tied to CPI or the consumer pricing index. Which at the moment the best case scenario is that power will continue to rise by around 1.7% per year regardless of the profits the Tasmanian government owned power entities are making.

It’s an admission of what we already know. Power prices are only going to go one way and that is up.

Let’s say power continues to rise on this trajectory. 10 years at $55 per year isn’t $550 as allowing for the compound effect we would be looking at over $600

All this wouldn’t be so bad if wages were rising. But they’re not. They have basically flatlined over the last few years and with no signs of a return of a pulse anytime soon. In fact in some cases wages have gone backwards, especially in the service area with the loss of penalty rates and benefits.

Cost of living is rising on steadily upwards trajectory. The means of which we use to pay for the cost of living has stalled. It only adds up to one outcome. Finance burden is on the increase.

We have to accept there is no help coming from any government at any level so what are your options?

Take control of your energy costs. Look at energy efficiency and energy production options that are available to you.

Is your heating or cooling efficient?

Is your lighting LED?

Could you run your home more efficiently?

Are you taking full advantage of the free energy that is bouncing off your roof everyday.

DMS Energy can help you find answers and solutions to all those questions.

DMS energy are the north west coast’s leading solar power experts.

We can get your hot water costs which is one of your biggest energy consumers down buy up to 80%

DMS Energy can potentially knock thousands off your power bills.

We can sort you out with the latest and greatest heat pump, air conditioning technology. Energy efficient lighting or just good old fashioned advice.

Taking control of your energy needs through a variety of methods is an empowering choice. You go from being a passenger on the energy rat race to a driver.

My own home and business have been running on solar power and using energy efficient products for years now and you know what $55 extra a year means to me as an energy consumer. Not a lot in regards to cost but it does mean the energy I am producing is now worth more and the energy efficient devices I have installed are saving me more.

I’m largely insulated from price spikes, poor governance and bill shock as I’m no longer dependent on what others decide what I should pay. They cant charge you for what you do not use.

It’s empowering and while I’m aware of the pun in that word for the message we are trying to convey today nothing can dampen the positive effect it has to be largely self sufficient.

Pop into our showroom at 56 Sheffield Rd in Spreyton, bring your power bill we can have a conversation and look at different strategies to get you started on your self sufficient future.

Have a look for DMS Energy on Facebook book and you can see our journey through the last 12 years and have a look at some of our projects. It’s a great medium to interact with us so feel free to ask questions and we also. Have some great prizes and rewards on offer as well.

Even easier just give us DMS Energy a call on 1300 502 599 and we can get the ball rolling on getting you in the driver’s seat of your self sufficient future.

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