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Save Now, Pay Later.

With flexible payments from handypay.

Save Now, Pay Later.

With flexible payments from handypay.

Attention businesses; small or large!

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Ucomms recently conducted a survey asking about Australian business and their take up of renewable energy. All along the line of how much do agree with the following statement. With the usual Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree or the ubiquitous Unsure or don’t know.

One of the many questions and statements were; ‘Australian companies should be using more renewable energy to power their operations’.

61.8% of proponents said strongly agree. Also across all the different age and gender demographics the results followed the similar results and when used as a total with the agreed results it was over 78%.

The results were unambiguous. Companies, your customers, regardless of age and gender find that businesses that use renewable energy are more desirable and those that don’t probably should.

As the saying goes; ‘the customer is always right’ so get it on your roof.

I will post links up to poll on our DMS Energy FB page.

Polls aside, if you are a daytime business, economics are clear why you should have solar on your roof. Your business is drawing power from the moment you open your doors till you close them at the end of the day.

What else is typically going on during the day?

That’s right, the sun is shining. Most premises have abundant energy available to run their business activities most of the time.

What does that do to your operating costs?

They are dramatically lowered.

Solar power in the daytime offered businesses the best financial return out of all the ways you can integrate solar into your life. 20-35% is the typical return on the investment we see with most returns around the 30% mark.

Cash rate for money in the bank is .75% not even getting 1% and here I am offering returns in the 30’s.

Most commercial systems pay for themselves in 3 to 4 years. Now this is the interesting thing. In terms of the major components the shortest warranty item on our products is 12 years on the SolarEdge inverter. So lets say your system has paid for itself in 3 years.

Just to digress, I did say pay for itself. What can you buy out there that actually pays for itself and from then on makes you money?

Anyway, your solar system has paid for itself in 3 years for this example and you still have 9 years left on the inverter warranty. With the rest of the major components and here we are talking about the LG solar panels and SolarEdge optimisers you have over 20 years left as those components all come with a 25 year full warranty.

What can lowering your overheads do for you and your business?

For starters if nothing else it will put cash back in your pocket but don't forget you can use that to grow your business, spend a bit more on marketing perhaps, lower the cost of your product if you're a manufacturer and get a jump on your competitors. But let's not forget this fact coming out of the polls that I have mentioned. Your customers want you to do this. You can market yourself as doing your bit, while lowering your costs and at the same time appealing to the 76% of your customers that want to see more of this type of thing. DMS Energy have put in shop or foyer displays where our clients can show off their energy harnessing prowess. It is marketable and your customers want to see it.

DMS Energy have been one of the leading commercial solar installers from Smithton through to Launceston for over a decade and we have some absolutely brilliant examples where we can show businesses reducing their energy costs by around 80%. While every business is different can you imagine what 80% less on your bill could potentially look like?

Have a look at our latest power bill here at DMS Energy . We are a commercial business that runs a workshop, offices and a showroom and I would be a fool not to practise what I preach.

That's $1,093.69 in credit and it is nice not to have one less thing to worry about.

You too can have one less thing to worry about as well if you call 1300 502 599 to find out more or drop into 56 Sheffield Rd Spreyton to see our working displays in action and you can see how much power we make and how little we buy in real time.

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