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2020 adventures with DMS Energy

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Though nationally, it hasn’t kicked off to a good start with the devastating fires around the country which as yet, have shown no sign of abating.

We did mention last year to expect an extreme season and we also discussed preparing your solar system for bushfire. The main thing that came out of that discussion was the best thing you can do is to make sure our solar array doesn’t have a build up of leaves of bark underneath the panels, especially if you live in and around the bush. The video’s I have been seeing f the fire fronts roaring through, I don’t know how much it would help but I guess when everything is literally superheated and on fire, any little edge you can give yourself can only help your chances of making it through with your life and property intact.

There is no point in trying to clean under them when the fire is on the horizon and cleaning debris from under solar panels should be added to your bush fire ready plan.

If you’re not comfortable or not up to being on a roof, you can call us here at DMS Energy and we can clean and check your system. But it doesn’t matter who you call, just give it some consideration especially if you do have a build up of debris under your panels.

Ok, now for some good news.

DMS Energy are now Q Partners. Now what does that mean?

As some of you might remember, I had a quick visit to South Korea just before Christmas and off the back of that, we have added a new solar panel brand to our range. So we have taken on board Qcell Qpeak duo which like our premium LG panels, have a 25 year build warranty and a 25 year power output warranty. They are slightly smaller in wattage at 330 watts instead of LG’s entry level of 350 watts in the LG NeON2 which go out to 375 watts in the LG NeON-R.

Having visited both factories, I can tell you both of these companies are very good at what they do. But they do it in different ways.

Have you seen the movie ‘Ford vs Ferrari’ yet?

In that movie, they show the Ferrari factory with precise engineering and different sections being very exact in their tasks. Like Ferrari trying to make the perfect car, LG are trying to make the perfect panel. I have often referred to the LG panels as the Ferrari of the panel world. Like Ferrari’s though, LG panels are one of the highest priced panels on the market. Like Ferrari, they are superbly built and outperform nearly every other panel in the world. But you will pay for it.

If you have seen that movie, you will also have seen the Ford factory. Huge lines of continual motion. Just making bulk amounts of vehicles. They did this to make the automobile affordable for everyone. This is also Qcell. Massive lines of panels being produced day and night, achieving volumes that help drive the price down. Qcell have developed some innovative product testing techniques that check the quality of the end product all the way through the manufacturing process. This is to week out any issues with panels before they leave the factory. Something I wish the Chinese manufacturers would get right. We are very pleased however, to have found an upper mid-range panel to offer those that balk at LG solar panel prices. We’ve done the research on the products we sell so you don’t have to, as DMS Energy has just as much invested in making sure our customers have a positive solar experience as the customers themselves. 13 years of operation in one of the most turbulent and controversial industries in Australia suggests we have got it right.

LG is a multi-billion dollar company, in-house research and development, unbelievably brilliant product and basically the perfect solar panel. 25 years build warranty and 25 years power output warranty.

Qcell, owned by Hanwha, a multi-billion dollar company, panels are designed in Germany at their research and development centre. Qpeaks are made in Korea. 25 year build warranty and 25 year power output warranty, making the best performance panels they can while still maintaining affordability.

That is a very well rounded stable of product that DMS Energy have on offer.

That’s 2020, kicked off with a bang!

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