What’s new in Solar & Renewable Energy?

For starters the notion of it being Chinese and cheap is set to be turned on its head as the price for Chinese manufactured solar panels is still on a red hot rocket upwards trajectory. All the guys flogging the cheap stuff are having major meltdowns as they see their ability to be the cheapest in town slip between their fingers while all us guys who focused on the quality non Chinese end of the market are watching on quite bemused at all the wailing and bemoaning.


The wholesale price for the big name Chinese panels has risen by around 35% in the last few weeks with that set to rise even further. Also a supply line crunch as well with lower availability of products. We forecasted this a couple of weeks ago and its now officially a thing.


To be honest it was a pricing reset that needed to happen. Interesting times indeed.


On the new product front I have some exciting new news from all 3 of our panel manufacturers.


LG solar panels first.


Earlier this year we announced the release of the LG NeON-H panels with 390 watt modules. While it was a nice jump in power it wasn’t a huge step up as opposed to competitors panels where they were releasing panels of similar wattage. Even though the LG panels were significantly smaller due to their higher efficiency, that fact was lost on customers as a 390 watt panel vs a 390 watt panel was not helping cut through the quality and performance of the LG “N” type solar panels.


But thats all about to change


In the 1st quarter of next year we will have the LG NeON-H Plus modules and they will be starting at 405 watts with 420 watts not far behind them. Plus they haven’t done what competing brands have done and made the panel physically bigger just better.


The 405 watt modules will be all black and they look super sleek and then the standard white background modules will be 415 to 420 watts. We can do over 5 kW of solar now with just 12 panels and think about this in 2010 a 5kW system was 24 panels.


So we have the 25 year product warranty and 25 year power output warranty form a N type panel that is designed to be doing over 90% of its output in 25 years time under written by 60 plus billion per year turn over company that we are all familiar with and that of course is South Korean company is LG Electronics.


Q.Cell News


Information is scarce at the moment but the new Q.Peak model for 2022 is set to be an N type cell. They are going after LG hard at the moment. They want the top spot in the solar world for product performance and quality so they are swapping over from the more cost competitive P type cell to the more expensive but higher performance N type cell.

They have a much higher manufacturing volume than LG so they should be able to do them for a lower price but time will tell.


Q.Cells, 25 year product warranty and 25 year power output warranty underwritten by a 50 plus billion dollar turnover company South Korean company in Hanwha


SolarEdge news


While the roll out of the bigger single phase Energy Hub inverters has been terrible in achieving the projected timelines they are coming, we have 5kW and 6kW inverters in good supply.


But the big news is the SolarEdge panels have just inked a deal with Jinergy the manufacturers of their solar modules and they are now offering 25 years product warranty and 25 years power output warranty in 2022.

The SolarEdge modules have always been our budget panel choice for SolarEdge systems as the optimiser is already attached to the panel where we have to install the optimisers separately for LG and Q.Cell.


If you were to choose a full SolarEdge system using their panels you now have 25 years product and power output warranty on the panels, 25 years on the optimiser and 12 years on the inverter making our entry level range of optimised panel a solid choice.


If you want to check out all the good gear come and see it in our showroom at 56 Sheffield Rd Spreyton but it’s all very exciting at the moment with our 2022 product range looking tip top.


2022 will at some stage see a major overhaul in our showroom with new batteries on display, the new SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverter and SolarEdge Car Charger open to customers who want to give their electric car a drink of energy free from the sun. Exciting times at DMS Energy.