The New LG Battery Products

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It’s an exciting time here at DMS Energy.


LG has just released a new hybrid inverter and battery combination which will see our sharpest ever battery system pricing.


So this combo is really flexible and has a range of different options.


We have a range of battery sizes we can use and we can have up to two batteries per inverter.

The battery sizes are 6.5, 10, 12 and 13 kWh of battery storage. If you were to choose two of the 13kWh units That’s 26 kWh of storage which as far as I know is the biggest non bespoke option on the market.


The LG Hybrid Inverter comes with a 10 year warranty underwritten by LG Electronics which is the same warranty as the batteries.


Does it do emergency backup?

Yes it does. We can select some essential circuits and connect them to the back up circuit. If the power was to go down and as long as there was some charge in the batteries or the sun was out it would energise those circuits that you deem important to keep up and running up to 4.6kW of demand.


There is also a range of different scenarios that we could use this battery combination.


You might already have a solar system and with the feed in tariff now at 6.5 cents you might be tempted to store it on site and use it after dark as opposed to selling it to Aurora.


In this scenario we could remove your old inverter and install the new LG Hybrid Inverter and batteries. Connect up the circuits you want backed up and you are away.


We can also AC couple this system to an existing solar system as well and this means we don’t have to touch your existing solar system at all. We just bolt the inverter and batteries onto the house and the inverter monitors your solar export and takes it and puts it into the battery to use later. The advantages of this is some solar systems out there are getting quite old and were installed under previous installation standards. Replacing the old inverter with a new one means we have to upgrade the whole system to meet the current installation standards which can be expensive but to be honest its not a bad idea as the installation became more stringent for a reason as they make the system safer.


The down sides of AC coupling the inverter is that if the power goes out and the battery is completely discharged it wont restart again when the sun comes out again. When we replace the inverter this makes it a DC coupled solution and this will restart the next day if the power is out for an extended period.

But in town most outages are short so it’s probably not really an issue unless you’re the most hardened doomsday prepper.


Or if you don’t have a solar system we can just put it in the inverter battery and solar panel system in just one go as a new complete installation.


This new LG Hybrid inverter and battery combination is our first foray into more economical products and it’s a pretty good first outing and all backed by one of the largest companies in the world.


We have put together a basic package which will suit most medium home power users we see out and about. This will be 16 of the Q.Cell Q.Maxx 385 watt panels so that’s a hefty 6.16kW, LG 5kW Hybrid Inverter and 10kWh LG Battery fully installed on a standard single story tin roof for $14,907 installed. We still quote every job but if the stars are aligned and there is enough room in your switchboard and its up to scratch and we don’t have to move too much around to make it work and meet that installation standards that would be the price.

You can add another battery in the future if you want to do it in stages as well. Super flexible for the future.


So $14,907 fully installed is the aim and that’s around the same price as a Tesla Powerwall battery and what you don’t get with the powerwall is the panels and the inverter.

So we are miles in front of one of those to the tune of at least $5,000.


So if you are interested in finding out more about this new battery system we are now offering please give us a call on 1300 502 599. We can pop around and give you a quote, check out your switchboard and work out the best place to install one of these bad boys.


There you have it, the new LG Hybrid inverter battery combo. Only available from DMS Energy as we are the LG Dealers for the top half of the state. Winners of the LG Dealer of Year for Tasmania 3 year years running. We are extremely pleased to be able to help put the power back into the hands of our clients (pun very much intended) as we all strive to become energy independent.