DMS Energy

DMS Energy have advised countless locals on the right energy solutions for their home’s and business’s.

6.2kW Roof Top Solar – Hybrid System

This customer had a 3kW system installed in 2014 and upgraded in 2018 with an additional 3.2kW and added a battery to make this roof top solar a ‘hybrid’ system.

By having a SolarEdge SE5000 StorEdge inverter meant that they had the flexibility to add the additional panels.

This solar system is used to offset the power usage during daylight hours and the excess energy is stored in the battery. Once the battery is full and no other power is being consumed by the customer, excess power is exported to the grid.

Click the link below to see a live view of the power this system is generating, the power the customer is using and storing as well as the export to the grid.

Click here for live monitoring

Off Grid at the Great Lakes

Another DMS Energy off grid solar solution installed and commissioned.

Q.Cell QPeak 330 watt modules charging via Victron MPPT charge controllers our latest model Sungel Ultra batteries.

Custom designed to suit our clients needs, using high quality components working perfectly in sync with each other.

Off grid living at its finest.

7.92kW Ground Mount System

Another quality DMS Energy solar system under the eternal gaze of Mount Roland.

22 x LG 360 watt NeON2 panels connected to a SolarEdge SE6000H inverter.

4kW LG Heat Pump

This little 4kW LG heat pump taking the edge off the cold Tasmanian nights

Click above to see the LG Heat Pumps brochure

5.6kW Roof Top Solar

These panels are enjoying the view of Mount Roland.

This solar system that will make a big dent in the power bills!

6kW Ground Mount System

16 x 375W LG NeON-R panels, some Clenergy pole mounts and SolarEdge HD wave inverter.

Neopower Solar Hot Water

Compared with flat panel solar collector, Neopower evacuated tube solar collectors capture more sunlight as they have a greater surface area exposed to the sun at any time, can be used in subzero temperatures, are durable, provide excellent performance in overcast conditions, require a smaller roof area, do not have the same level of corrosion problems as flat plate collectors.

Click above to see the Neopower brochure