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Winter is coming ….

Summer ends at the end of February, Autumn’s on its way and its time to think about preparing for winter.
This can entail many different things depending on where you live. I live in rural setting so for me its time to get my firewood in, put new rodent baits in my outbuildings and do any house maintenance that need doing to keep my house dry and warm for the winter.
For others its time to get your heat pumps serviced.
They’ve been chugging along all last winter and maybe summer as well, clogged up full of dust and rubbish and not working as well as they should. This is costing you money and shortening the service life.
It’s time to get them serviced and sorted out ready for winter. DMS Energy happily service heat pumps so you’re ready for the worst that winter can throw at you.
DMS Energy also sell and install LG and Actron heat pumps in case you need an upgrade.
If you have a wood heater and you’re sick of buying wood or just had enough of the mess and lugging wood from outdoors to indoors it might be time to consider installing a new LG or Actron heat pump setup. Cheap, clean and convenient to run.
With our LG range range we can connect these up to the home network and you can turn these on remotely from your smart phone. We have heaps of customers who love this option. They log into their app and can see what the temperature is and can turn the unit on remotely. After a cold day at work coming home to a cold house doesn’t really appeal to anyone. Or if you have been away for the weekend and the house is now reminiscent of a morgue, you can easily kick the LG heat pumps into action so the house is warm the moment you walk into the door.
The app will also tell you how much energy the LG heat pump has used and its also good for diagnosing any faults. But the LG heat pump range comes with a 10 year compressor warranty. 5 years more than any of the other brands we have access to.
Do you have old hard wired old-school electric heating or tired of wood? Now is the right time to consider getting a modern, clean and efficient heating system from DMS Energy.
But don’t leave it to late. We get most of our calls for repairs and new heat pumps when it’s already cold meaning a longer wait before we can get to you. Be proactive this year and get in front of it and be ready for winter in 2020.
If your not ready for winter this year,  DMS Energy is,  and we would love the opportunity to be able to help you out.
We would also like to be your electrician. Need a power point moved, need some new lights. You might not know DMS Energy specialise in domestic and commercial LED lighting. We have a huge range of lights from Italy to suit any application. We also have done a heap of commercial lighting projects up and down the coast. Somerset and Wynyard basketball stadiums plus Wonders of Wynyard Museum plus hundreds more, so a fair chance many of you have been sitting under some of our lighting projects
So keep us in mind for your next electrical job big or small.
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