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We want to be YOUR electricians!

DMS Energy want to be your electrician.
DMS Energy love doing solar systems, we specialise in on grid solar for both domestic and commercial clients. We also do more off grid solar systems than anyone else on the north west coast with one of these being installed nearly every week.
We also specialise in solar irrigation for farmers. We probably should do a segment on solar pumps soon as its like the red headed cousin that no one talks about but that red headed cousin is pretty amazing if you spend the time to get to know about them. But Ill leave those who’s ear pricked up at the mention of solar pumps this morsel to think about, our largest Lorentz solar pumps can shift 440,000 litres per hour. So theres not much we cant do with solar power Lorentz pumps.
But I digress.
DMS Energy is an electrical contracting company and we want to be your electrician.
Have a shop front to be wired up? We can do it. We’ve done many of those.
Have a renovation on a federation house? DMS Energy have provided electrical work on some of the most oldest well known renovations on the coast. Mallunah in Devonport and Boscavelle in Ulverstone to name a just a few. It takes a special mindset to be able treat these old building with the respect they deserve also to work around the difficulties of working in an over-a-century-old building, decades old techniques and materials while maintaining the character of the home.
Have a new build being planned we can do the electrical, heating, cooling, solar power, solar hot water and lighting. The one stop shop and our products and services are based around using quality components. We love lighting projects of all shapes and sizes. We have a huge range available of European lights as well as your typical more generic ones. Our commercial lighting projects are fully engineered to suit suit lighting standards and are fit for purpose.
Farmers, need power connected to a pump? Call DMS Energy. Have irrigation pumps playing up and not pulling in contactors call DMS Energy
Shop front or house is cold? Call DMS Energy. We have a wide range of heating products and being LG distributors buying straight from the manufacturer so we are going to be super competitive on price. Plus we install what we sell or you can buy LG heat pump products directly from us as well.
If you need an electrician that can do the lot who is the best company to call?
DMS Energy. We will do anything big or small. From moving a power point to a switchboard upgrade. We even did retired a caravan last week.
There should always be a process. Site assessment, site requirements identified followed through with an accurate design and plan. This is then all brought together with a seamless installation and commissioning process. These are the things you should be asking of your electrical contractor. This is what we at DMS Energy have based our business around. Process, exceptional products and service. We are there from concept to completion.
DMS Energy whilst we are somewhat famous for our renewable energy and energy efficiency work we do want to be your local electrician.
Call DMS Energy on 1300 502 599 or pop into our showroom at 56 Sheffield Rd Spreyton and we cover from Launceston to Smithton.
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