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QCELLS QHome is here! The future of hybrid batteries.

We have been waiting for this product for while now and finally it is here the QCELLS QHome battery system. My first thought are wow it sure is blue! A very vibrant blue. It makes a statement.
So what does it do?
It stores your excess energy that you would normally sell to the grid so you can use it at night. If the power goes out it can give emergency power to run your house till the power is restored.
How is it installed?
If in the event of installing on a house that already has solar power, this would take the place of the inverter that is already there. But due to it being a battery this is not always possible and this means in some cases we would have to re-wire the solar to a different location that meets the battery installation codes. It is also modular so it can be expanded upon. It ranges from 4kWh to 12kWh and has a built in 5kW inverter.
Though it is most often wall mounted it can also be floor mounted which does make it easier in some scenarios and this is quite a rare feature amongst hybrid battery systems.
What is the warranty?
The warranty on this product is 10 years but as it’s a battery, conditions for operation and installation do apply. As many people would realise, batteries life spans are measured in cycles and the amount of cycles any battery product can give is determined by how it’s operated and how it’s installed. This is why experienced battery installers and suppliers should only ever be considered for home batteries.
Where is it made?
This is another South Korean product and it comes from the engineering and design power house that is QCELLS. As we have discussed before, the South Koreans are at the top of the game in the design and manufacture.
Up until now we have been only really offering the SolarEdge and LG Chem battery options which in my opinion, is the best option for all new installations, where as I see the QCELLS QHome being the best fit to retrofit into where clients have existing solar systems.
Will this product pay for itself?
Thats a loaded question as on the pure math, I would have to say the battery recovering its costs is the best case scenario you could ever expect and that is dubious. But batteries are still walking out the door. People want emergency back up. People want really low bills, others are incensed by the low feed in tariffs they receive for their excess energy. But most battery buyers are those who are about to retire. They are going from some form of fixed income and they want the security to know they have some control over their energy costs into an unknown future where power bills are never going away and will continue to rise.
If a battery is what you want we do have options available and DMS energy can spell out what buying one will mean for you and your family.
There is only 20 QCELLS QHome’s in Australia at the moment so these are quite new and we are keen to get some out in the field to see how they perform. QCELLS are owned by a Hanwha who are multi billion company so we see these as a safe battery option designed by the best in the business.
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