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COVID-19 & Photo Hydro Ionization (PHI)

Corona Virus. Finally, they’ve found a name for man flu.
And toilet paper hoarding what is that all about? I though that was a mainland thing but no apparently its down here here as well.
This has led me to wonder what would would be really handy in a apocalyptic, Armageddon type situation and that would be solar panels. So any one out there feels like they should strip my warehouse bare of solar panels we are open Monday to Friday.
All jokes aside though this virus has caused a level of fear in the community I’ve never witnessed before and it has been alarming. Out of all the horrible viruses floating around this is just another one. What makes this one so different? Slightly higher mortality rate than the bad flu’s and its seems to be a reasonably tough virus outside of its host. So it can sit around on surfaces for longer as most viruses have a relatively short lifespan outside of a human body.
One of the products we sell and install is directly used to hep control these pathogens and control their spread.
It’s called PHI which stands for Photo Hydro Ionization
We install these inside of de-stratification fans and I will talk a little bit more about them later.
The PHI cell uses a UV light that reacts to the lining of the cell which creates Hydrogen Peroxide at a molecular level. Hydrogen peroxide is two molecules of hydrogen and 2 parts of oxygen combine to create the simplest of all the peroxide’s. We all know about how good it is for treating infections and killing bacteria and viruses. The PHI unit turns all ready present hydrogen and oxygen available in the air to hydrogen peroxide and then it is a spread into and around the room by the fan where it kills 90% of bacteria and viruses instantly. It’s so effective it can kill flu viruses from single sneeze before its travelled 30 cms for your face. Then after a while these loose molecular bonds of the hydrogen peroxide let go and they just form back into oxygen and hydrogen again.
Isn’t chemistry wonderful?
Due to the ionisation process of the unit it also give particles in the air a negative charge which makes them bond together and fall out of suspension. This is how it performs the odour control as one of its features.
Did you know, whenever we smell something nasty or nice it is an actual particle of whatever we are smelling entering our nose and landing on our smell receptors. An actual particle. Think of the last thing you smelt that was horrible and I will just leave you with that thought about what entered your head. But by having these particles clump together they fall out of the air.
Lastly the fan. It’s a de-stratification fan. It reduces your heating costs by around 30% and cooling costs by around 20%. It does this by pushing through the thermal layers of air in a space and making all of that space the same temperature. Typically in most of your money spent of heating resides near the ceiling and these destrat fans are the most effective way to bring that energy down to ground level saving our clients big dollars.
We have been installing these for 6 years. Some of the bigger projects have been the Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery in Launceston, Axeman’s Hall of Fame, Tandara Aged Care Facility in Sheffield, plus Broun’s Cool Stores and many others.
We need to talk about Tandara in Sheffield as they have the PHI elements for over 5 years and they have had stunning results. They have experienced no reportable events and had no registered disinfections. Where they have to to a full top to bottom disinfections. Costs them thousands of dollar when that happens but the PHI units are doing all day every day.
Also Broun’s Coolstores have just ordered a second lot of PHI fans for their new cool stores. Now these guys store seed spud. Some might not realise is that a small percentage of potatoes are set aside and stored over winter to be used the next year to grow more potato plants. There is always a certain amount of spoilage which costs them money and they have noted significantly reduced amounts of spoilage and the fans are by their nature of operation evening the temperature in these cool stores so lowering their running costs as well.
We know it works, we have the points on the scoreboard and the science is sound.
Where could this product be useful for this corona pandemic?
Doctors surgery waiting rooms, hospital waiting rooms, schools, any where public people gather inside in any great number. Workplaces. We have testimonials from how this product has reduced absenteeism by reducing the spread of the illness within workplaces.
Anywhere indoors where we need to knock down the numbers of bugs and viruses this product is perfect for.
Plus the rest of the world knows it. I had an email last Thursday from the pHI manufacturer to let us know to expect a 2 week additional delay on their products as they are getting hammered from a huge surge in sales from Europe and the U.S. as everyone is scrambling to get PHI’s installed into their commercial buildings.
If you would like to find out more probably best to either pop into 56 Sheffield Rd in Spreyton or give us a call on 1300 502 599 as these units need to be sized to dose specific areas there is an element of design involved in getting it right.
We want to be YOUR electricians!
Why do people turn to solar in tough times?


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