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‘3 Quote’ style lead generators, the illusion and how it works.

Have you ever been surfing the internet and had those annoying 3 Quotes click bait ads jump up and continually get in the way of seeing what the Kardashians are up to?

With allure of ‘you’re in safe hands’ and ‘just click here’ and 3 trusted representatives of this solar provider will bound to your door and give you free quote. Whilst there are a few industries using this style of lead capture, solar is by far the most prevalent.
So what is going on here? I’m about to explain to you the best smoke and mirrors trick this industry has. It’s almost like the 3 Shell and Pea game. You know the one where they put the pea under a walnut shell or bowl and whiz them around in front of you and make a fool of you when you can never pick which shell has the pea no matter how hard you concentrate.
This is what is happening here.
How to start as a 3 quotes lead generator is build a website full of useful and most often factual information about solar. All your questions you might want to ask are generally right there somewhere. So saturated are these sites with information and the language is slanted in such away you almost think you are buying a solar system from them. All you have to do is click that 3 quotes button on the screen and give a few details and thats it.
In a magic trick or con thats called building the intrigue or baiting the hook.
Let’s shatter the illusion and show what’s really happening.
Even though you are made to feel as though you are a customer of these 3 quotes lead generators. You are not. Solar sellers are these 3 quotes lead generators customers and your details are the currency they trade in. The moment you hit the send me 3 quotes button the lead generator has just made at least $120 as they now sell your details off to the highest bidder. This is what we in the industry call lead generation. If a company as a solar seller is the customer to one of these 3 quotes style lead generators the clients details are sent out and the moment you click accept you owe them $40 even if you are not successful with a sale. All the while 2 other companies are doing exactly the same thing. If none of those 3 companies quotes are accepted your details more often than not, are recycled and sent out to another 3 companies.
From here on in let’s stop calling them 3 quotes style of companies and refer them to lead generators as that is all they are and everything else is just facade to lull you into giving them what they really want which is your details. Which they will sell as many times as they can for as much as they can.
You can now see why these lead generators spend so much time building fancy websites and platforms. Filled with content and opinions and different interactive platforms. It’s all to make you feel safe. Some of these lead generators have been around a long time and are extremely wealthy from purely trading peoples details to whomever pays their invoices. This is the thing, lead generators have no skin in the game they just make out they do. But they dont care if your roof leaks, your inverter is low quality or your installer disappears in few years time as their transaction with you is over the moment you give them your details.
Who uses lead generators? Generally fresh start ups with no reputation or little experience. They cannot push their own barrow yet so they ride on the coat tails of the lead generator facade of expertise. This doesn’t mean you will have a negative experience but it certainly doesn’t in any way mitigate the risks either.
Another analogy to explain what’s going on here is do you remember the Sideshow Alley? Where they use to have the ducks and the air rifles. You paid your money and was given 3 air rifle pellets and you had to knock the ducks down. But it was rigged. The prize was worth less than you paid for the pellets and not all the ducks would fall over. In this case the lead generator owns the amusement stand, the solar seller is holding the air rife and the solar customers are the ducks.
Don’t be a duck and keep your details to yourself. Stick with strong local suppliers of solar products or any products for that matter.
If they have a showroom presence, you can peruse their products, ask your questions and then when you are sure you are onto the real deal then release your details. Don’t let who you are or where you live become currency for someone else to profit over.

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