Australia Net Zero by 2050?

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Today I thought we would look at Australia’s “Plan” to get get us net zero by 2050


What are the key points of the “Plan”?


Apparently unknown technological breakthroughs are the lynch pin. I guess we have 29 years for these to come about so I guess it’s possible but this position does mean we ignore technologies we have now.


I remember when I was a kid watching Star Trek and they all had wireless handheld communicators that didn’t at all reassemble the clunky rotary dial telephone that sat on its own dedicated telephone table in the hallway but here we are with hand held supercomputers in pockets.


But is a bit like going to the doctor and being told you have a life threatening ailment and the advice is to take a known treatment that works to save your life but you decide to say “nah I’ll hang on till they come up with something better that no one has thought of yet”


It’s not the smartest choice but it does kick the can down the road while you can still stand on your soapbox and talk up inaction as action.


But maybe one day we will be able to say “Beam Me Up Scotty” to 1 Billion tonnes of CO2 which is what we need to eliminate so we don’t turn into a cast of extras on the dystopian reality show called planet Earth.


The other main point is “Global Technological Trends”

No one actually knows what that one means so I suspect its just a spin term.


Lastly this is an interesting point


Offsetting Emissions We Cannot Eliminate With Credits Bought From Overseas


Basically this means sending our money to other countries and investing in their clean energy technologies other than our own. Let’s not invest in this country, let’s invest in someone else’s efforts. That sounds very much like the Australian Way.


Anyway let’s not talk about Australia’s plan to decarbonise by 2050 which is as most in the industry expected is just bunch of hollow talking points that will be regurgitated over and over again during the upcoming election in an attempt to change the narrative away from the fact they have been running interference for the fossil fuel industry since 2013


Let’s talk about what we are missing out on.


Change is always a bit scary as we venture into the unfamiliar but it is also a time of great opportunity.


Around $500 Billion was invested in clean energy technology world wide last year. A recent study has shown renewable energy investments in Germany and France yielded returns of over 178% over a five year period while fossil fuel investments suffered a minus 20% return over the same five year period.


UK over 5 years 75.4% return versus 8.8% return on fossil fuels.


The United States 200% return on investment was the renewables yield while 97.2% on fossil fuels was achieved and this is the country that rode to superpower status on the back of fossil fuels.


Return on investment is code for jobs, strong economies and money in your pocket.


This is what hollow do nothing plans lead us to missing out upon. Jobs, strong economies and money and we are dealing with an exponential global crisis at the same time. Everybody wins except those that have capital tied up in coal mines and gas but unfortunately their lobbying power is holding this government to ransom.


Tassie though we are already at 100% renewable and every day with more solar, energy efficient devices, wind farms and hydrogen projects we are going to be carrying the other states on our shoulders.


Tasmania leading the way but remember we all live on the same rock rotating around the sun in a cold and lonely universe and there is no Planet B


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