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I don’t know who got to see it but the ABC featured 2 stories about dodgy door knockers and DMS Energy were part of the story. I have put links to the story on our DMS Energy Facebook page.

The ABC found us from our dodgy door knocker blog and we helped background the story with examples of the harm we have seen first hand here on the north west coast of Tasmania.
DMS Energy and the Master Electricians Association have made enquiries to the relevant minister Elise Archer and we have had a reply back saying her department and Consumer Building and Occupational Services or CBOS are looking at how they can further curtail the harm done by these predatory sales tactics.
So all in all a reasonable result. Though the wheels appear to be moving slowly and in the right direction I don’t hold much hope that we will see a regulatory solution to this issue.
Here’s why.
The story was meant to be run solely on the ABC 7.30 Report but then all the NSW political issues kicked off an dominated the news cycle. So the story was postponed, delayed a number of times and then eventually cut down in length and spread out over 7.30 and News Breakfast. Still a great result for public awareness but it did bring it home to me vulnerable people getting ripped off in Tasmania is always going to be at the bottom of a long list low priorities for politicians and regulators and the news cycle sort of mimics that.
In the event there are no regulatory protections it leaves us back where we started and that is community awareness. It’s going to be up to us to look out for those in our community that are targeted and approached by the door knocking scoundrels.
It’s discussion we need to have between our family member and friends about why on earth would you buy a solar system from someone knocking on your door? Why would you drop $15k to $20K with a stranger turning up to your door unannounced?
It doesn’t make any sense.
Yet it happens. It happens every day all around Tasmania. We have our low socio demographics nicely bundled up in reasonably easily identified suburbs and these guys hit those areas hard.
One of the best things to come out of the ABC story is the head of the CER or clean Energy Regulator saying do not let them in to your home.
We have explained numerous times the high pressure sales tactics they use and how they pressure you into signing up to an exorbitantly priced solar system. We have talked about how they inject false calls to action in their spiels to trigger the fear of missing out part of our brains which can override the common sense part of our brains. Our Powersavers listeners have all the tools to resist the tricks and subterfuge and not become a victim.
But it is so so much simpler to not let them in. There is no battle of wits to be had, there is no high pressure sales tactics. You have nipped it in the bud before any harm can be caused.
Treat the dodgy door knockers a bit like vampires. If you don’t invite them in you they cant hurt you. Though I’d rather donate a bit of blood to old Dracula than pay $15k for something only worth $6K.
Door knockers and cold callers are all what we call unsolicited sales techniques and they never end well.
So the conversation we should be having with our loved ones and friends is just don’t let them in. Say thanks but no thanks and close the door. Keep the dramas and heartache on the other side of that door.
It’s a conversation we can have with our parents next time we see them or work mates in the crib room.
There we have it ladies and gentlemen, once again its up to us, the community to be the tip of the spear. Door knocking rip off schemes only exist because they work and if we make it so they no longer work in our communities the rogues will eventually move onto greener pastures.
remember seek more than one quote and stick local if you can.
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