Energy Efficient Lighting


LG’s 7.5Watt and 12.8W LED bulbs offer you long lasting, energy efficient products which are suitable for many lighting applications.

Excellent replacement

The LG LED bulbs can easily replace incandescent and CFL bulbs in many applications from shops to offices, lounges and kitchens.

Lower Power Consumption

The 7.5Watt lamp provides more light output than a 40Watt incandescent or a 11Watt CFL. The 12.8Watt lamp provides more light output than a 60Watt incandescent or a 15Watt CFL, providing the user with energy efficient solutions.

Long Lasting

Built with reliability in mind our LG lamps enjoy substantially longer life and reduce costs compared to conventional bulbs. Once installed the lamp operates for up to 25,000 hours.

Why LG Lighting?

LG’s world class research in chemicals, energy storage, solar and electrical equipment have contributed to developing a lighting product that is reliable, energy efficient and long lasting. The LG lamp range have undergone LG’s strict quality control and provide a 2 year product warranty giving consumer peace of mind. Choosing the LG brand is an investment in superior standards of design, manufacture, back up support and warranty.

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