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Moisture Control

With a climate very similar to New Zealand, HRV ventilation is the perfect solution for Tasmania's condensation and mould problem.  HRV have sold over 125,000 systems in New Zealand and have helped these households reduce their condensation while improving their "INvironment."

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Tassie's combination of a damp climate, sealing up homes tighter and tighter to save energy and the moisture we create in our homes every day from cleaning, 
cooking, and washing is working against us achieving a healthy home. Sort it with HRV Healthy
Home Ventilation.

Fresh air circulating through your roof space is drawn into the HRV system. The roof space air has a lower relative humidity than air inside your home. The incoming dry, fresh air is filtered through the HRV system's medical grade filter and then distributed through your home. Positive pressure acts to expel damp and dust laden air and provide a healthy ventilation flow even with the windows closed. Warm filtered air, free from damp and pollutants, gently circulates through the rooms creating a warmer, drier, healthier home environment.

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The key benefits…


  • Remove condensation, damp and harmful mould.
  • Create a healthier home for your family.
  • Create a home that is easier to heat.
  • Remove the environment dust mites thrive in.