About Airius

Here at Airius Oceania P/L (with offices in Sydney and Auckland) we are experts in saving you energy and improving comfort as well as air quality by optimising your air conditioning or heating system or by providing air movement for cooling using:-

  • air circulation
  • thermal destratification
  • air purification

We do this using our patented Airius Air Pear ® Thermal Equalizer ® fans. As the exclusive importers across Australasia, Airius was the first to design and manufacture this type of fan 11 years ago. With millions of dollars spent on product development we are the original and the best at destratification and air circulation. For more information on Airius – Click Here:-

  • Our original patented simple Airius Oceania ‘Air Pear’® air turbine fan system can significantly reduce cooling / heating costs as well as related energy costs and carbon emissions by up to 35% in most air conditioned or heated building types.
  • ROI’s are almost always below 30 months and in some cases are within three months.
  • Over 75,000 units have been installed world wide across all climates.

Our systems:-

  • Save up to 35% in energy use and related carbon emissions
  • Are simple to install
  • Require no maintenance in standard applications
  • Work in any type of facility from 2.5 -40 metres high (Bespoke units available to destratify up to 100 metres high)
  • Have a three year manufacturer’s warranty and subsequent seven year half price rebuild offer.


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