“DMS Energy strives to Honestly, Ethically and Accurately assist Tasmanians to meet their energy reduction goals.”


Dynamic Maintenance Solutions (now DMS Energy) began trading in 2007, mostly with consulting, contracting, and training in the mining industry. Progressing to solar irrigation and grid connected solar systems in 2008, DMS Energy continue to offer honest, ethical and accurate advice to all of Tasmania. A 100% local company who is here to help you now, and into the future.

When assembling our range, we are guided by one key principle: each and every product is put through its paces in terms of testing and quality. Products and components are only included if they are absolutely error-free and harmonize perfectly with one another.

This division of our business has now grown to be our largest area of expertise, with installations of Sunmill solar pumps and grid-connected solar systems taking place in locations all around Tasmania, King Island and even as far flung as Madagascar.


  • Authorised LG solar Dealer
  • Experts in Off-grid solutions
  • Quality solar pumping solutions
  • Innovative heating solutions
  • Overall energy reduction strategies
  • A fully consultative approach
  • No pressure, just great advice

Cut the cord with DMS Energy's stand-alone solar options

DMS Energy’s extensive experience designing off-grid systems will help Tasmanians make the next step in their energy reduction strategy.

DMS Energy has a huge range of stand-alone photovoltaic panels, inverters, controllers, chargers and batteries. We can design and install standalone solar power systems to suit any application.  With power prices sky rocketing, why not cut the cord and enjoy decades of free energy from the sun? 

DMS Energy's grid connected solar systems

With the rise in popularity of grid connected solar, the sharks in the industry have given solar a bad name. DMS Energy will give you honest, ethical and accurate advice to assist your decision.

The DMS Energy range of solar panels and inverters are sourced from all over the world giving Tasmanians access to the largest catalogue of solar equipment in the state. DMS Energy's extensive range allows us to custom design each system allowing for maximum performance from your Tasmanian solar system.

DMS Energy's solar irrigation systems

The costs to bring mains power to remote properties can be exhorbitant, when for less money DMS Energy can usually install a reliable solar (also wind) renewable energy system that will provide power for your needs with no power bills. We have units in the field providing water for 700+ cattle, fully automated operation, with no ongoing energy costs, moving water day after day.

We have a growing list of satisfied customers who are using our premium solar, heating, lighting and hot water products to lower their electricity overheads and reduce their carbon footprint.

Saving money on electricity bills whilst saving the environment is a win-win situation.

So contact us today; We’ll show you how easy and cost effective it is to plug into the sun and save!!